Sunday, January 8, 2012

Janome 1000cpx

(Picture: Website of Janome Canada)

I am a proud owner of a Coverstitch machine as of yesterday. :) Wooohooo!

Tabatha was selling her Coverstitch machine as her she has moved from garment sewing to making gorgeous quilts! Check out her gorgeous quilts here. After talking on emails and taking a trip to Durham region yesterday, the 1 yr old machine which has never been used for more than an hour, is mine for $450. Tabatha was also very kind and showed me  a few things like how to thread the top thread, how to lock a coverstitch, etc.

I came home feeling elated and with a huge grin and a new machine! She's also selling her Viking 905 serger, but after mulling over it for a couple of hours and trying to thread the coverstitch machine in the mean time,  I finally decided that I'm not ready for 2 new machines and the coverstitch alone was enough to give my brain cells a big workout this year. What can I say? Threading the coverstitch was a humbling experience indeed. :) I made myself familiar with all the parts of the machine and threaded the top thread on my own. I could do it all the way to the needle, but couldn't get the needle-threader to work as per the instructions from the manual. I slept through it and then, tried the needle threader again this morning again. It took DH 10 seconds to do it, and that too without looking at the manual. He came up with his own way of using the needle threader and it worked!! No, this method didn't work for me! Having an in-house needle threader is fantastic, but just to be on the safer side, I'm going to get a floss threader and learn to thread the needle with that.

So far I've learnt

  • how to thread the top thread

  • how to do a 3 needle coverstitch

  • how to adjust the pressure adjusting screw

  • that the coverstitch is sewn with the fabric right side up and hem underneath it (It baffled me a sec!)

Next up, I need to work on learning

  • how to use a floss threader to thread the needle

  • how to thread the lower looper

  • how to remove a needle

  • how to do a coverstitch with 2 needles

  • adjusting the thread tensions to try different stitches


  1. Fantastic, you're doing great! Once you know your machine, it'll be second nature and you won't have to give it a second thought!

  2. Thanks Tabatha! Hopefully soon...


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