Monday, January 30, 2012

Leaving on a jetplane...

I love that song... Yes, I'm leaving for a looong trip to India to visit family and friends - the whole of February - which means busy planning, shopping gifts and pretending to pack. I also have been very busy at work pretty much the whole of January. So I couldn't find the time to sew or explore the coverstitch any further.

I plan to explore a couple of new places this time and yes,  I promise to come back with tons of yummy "colorful" fabrics (gosh! I miss all those colors...) and hopefully when I come back, I'll get sewing much! :) A girl can hope, can't she?


  1. Can I come with you? Love your gravatar, the kitty watching you sewing, so cute!!!
    Update us and take lots of photos.


  2. I'll look forward to reading how your trip went. Maybe you shopped for fabric? Hope to see lots of pictures! BTW, I really like your avatar.

  3. Thank you J and Martha. I love my avatar too!

    I'm back from my trip and yes, it was memorable and yes, I'll post pictures of my fabric that I shopped there. :)


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