Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sewing goals for 2012

If I know me right, I'd say if I don't push myself into something, I'd never get it done. So, here's my sewing goals for this year.  I plan to re-visit this list often and see where I am.

    1. Conquer my fear of doing a FBA -  I need a FBA. There's no escaping that. I need to conquer this beast first.

    2. TNT for knit top - I prefer knit tops than woven, so comfy! And very forgiving compared to wovens

    3. TNT pattern for knit dress - If I get a knit top TNT pattern, then this one would be easy

    4. TNT pattern for a woven top - I'd like to make an Indian style salwar kameez/kurta for me and  a TNT woven pattern will help.

    5. Make 12 knit tops this year as a part of TAM (1 top a month)

    6. Fix at least 20 garments - I have a lot of pants waiting to be hemmed, etc that are waiting on my Fix-It pile

    7. Organize sewing area: Now that I have a place to sew, I would like to arrange / organize my sewing area.

    8. Take 2 sewing classes 

    9. Learn to work on the coverstitch machine and serger (added serger to this list,now that I have one)

    10. Learn how to do at least one type of zippers (either center zipper or invisible zipper)

    11. Learn to make at least 5 type of drafting alterations on a TNT top pattern (say, changes to necklines, etc)

    12. Watch 12 sewing related DVDs - DVDs are so much easier for me to learn than from books.

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