Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What I did about my hobby or lack thereof

I kept breaking my head and analyzing why my sewing is not taking off...

The problem was that I really love knits and I didn't like the way the sewing machine sewed knits..  I was planning for a serger sometime later in a year, but if my sewing was going nowhere without a serger, then I realized I better do something about it. . I looked around and found a hardly used Janome 644D in Kijiji (It's like Craigslist) This machine was barely used once or twice.. The lady who sold it to me had bought it with the best of intentions (She reminded so much of my own self! Oh boy!)  used it once and packed it away for playing with it later. And it is now, mine. And I had spent money on a used machine and bought it home without even testing it. :o The reason being I picked it up from her office where I couldn't have tested it and she did seem like a genuine person in her email.

Now, If I know myself very clearly, I know if I wait any longer to try the machine, the fear will take over. So, I promptly booked a one on one 'Serger class' at Ruti's Needlebed took my machine there. Ruti tested my machine first and made sure it worked! (What a relief!) Since the machine was practically never used, she made me exercise the serger by doing a standard 4 thread overlock stitch on a scrap about 20 times to loosen up the machine and warm the oil inside.  After an hour and half of the class, I now can thread the serger from scratch, do a 4 thread overlock, do a Rolled hem, a picot.

I've read that a serger can do so much more  lettuce edging, gathering, ruffling, attaching elastic etc... I just have to keep playing with it and figure it out.

I also had ordered a couple of patterns and they are home.

Valerie's Top by Silhoutte patterns

Simplicity 4076 (OOP - Gosh! With its huge popularity, I did not think this would become oop, but it did. Ebay to the rescue!)

Can't wait to play.