Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coverstitch machine Class

I just got back from a class for Cover-stitch machine @ Brampton Sew N Serge. What a wonderful class taught by John. Here's what I learnt on how to work this beauty..

  • We learned how to thread our respective machines - which I already knew how to do mine, but it had taken me 30 mins to do it the first time.. and I was dreading to do it again So it was a wonderful refresher and now it's easy peasy!

  • How to use the needle threader (The pointy thing was bent, no wonder I wasn't able to use it. John fixed it and showed me how to use it and had me try it again and again until I got it.)

  • 3 thread coverstitch (on 3 samples - woven, knit and fleece)

  • 2 thread coverstitch, wide (3 samples - woven,knit and fleece)

  • 2 thread coverstitch narrow (2 samples - woven and knit )

  • gathering on woven fabric (1 sample)

  • puffing on woven fabric (simple idea, great results! wow!) (1 sample)

  • sewing elastic on lycra (1 sample)

  • how to do coverstitch on polar fleece (1 sample)  put it right under the needle

  • chain stitch(1 sample)

  • how to use decorative thread and how to use double thread on looper to make the stitch pop

  • how to double duty the coverstitch to finish the hem allowance plus do the hem in one step (1 sample, which I tried it on my own based on John's instructions)

  • got to see plenty of samples to get an idea what all we could do with the CS machine

  • what kind of needles to use, what size needle for what fabric, how a CS needle differs from other needles and why and that CS needles on sergers, but not vice versa

  • what kind of thread to use and why

  • how to remove the needle (there's a trick in there, just unscrew one full rotation and no more.. the more we unscrew, and tighten, the more chances of losing the thread in the screw, and even changing the timing of the machine which is $$$ to fix as the whole neck has to be replaced). Also that it is good to leave the screw where it originally was, so it doesn't lost.

  • got a lot of tips and tricks

  • Where to look for gorgeous fabrics in GTA (Ann's Fabrics in Hamilton)

  • how to lock a thread using an industry method - on circular hems

It was fantastic!! The class was really inexpensive! with tax, it only came to $23 and the kit was included. :o The other 2 people in the class had bought machine from John and it was free for them. I still am amazed by the cost of the class considering how much I got out of it.

Great class! Highly recommend it! I will take more classes from this place.

What I'm interested in next are to practice doing a neck binding without a specialty feet (for now) by serging first and then doing regular coverstitch.

And I plan to make a 'nice' workbook out of all the samples we did and write my notes next to it. I took a look at the workbook they make in serger class and I think I can do a similar one for Cover-stitch machine and even one my serger.

So what happened to my summer plans, you ask??

Hey, summer doesn't end until August! And my class was to help me get that list checked off. Eventually! ;)


  1. Oh awesome! Is t it fun to build the skills and feel super confident? :). Sounds like a really reputable shop with great customer care, I'll have to add them to the database... :D

  2. So cool to see you here, Steph!! Yes, the class was fun and it helped to build skills. now, onto practice, practice, practice!!


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