Thursday, August 9, 2012

The pink leggings that never were

Unlike me, my almost 6 yr old daughter is very girly - loves all things pink and purple, shiny and sparkly, loves glitter and sequins ... well, you get the picture! So I wanted to surprise her with a pair of bright pink leggings. I used this free leggings pattern from Stella-Lily's.

Before cutting into the pink fabric, I made a pair of trial leggings in an off white fabric.. the fit was a bit snug so I modified the pattern to increase the width and was finally ready to cut into the pink fabric.. So, a couple of weeks ago, when she was having a nap, I snuck into the basement to cut and sew that pair of leggings.

I cut, I serged and was ready to put the two legs together.

And then I found out that I couldn't.

How do you put 2 left legs together?

In between my trial leggings and the pink one, a month had elapsed and I forgot that I need to cut the 2 legs - one from each side of the fabric!

Lesson learnt: Read instructions every time. Stick to the darn cutting layout until you know what you are doing.

Update: The pink leggings turned out fine after all; I re-cut the waist a  little lower and  added a type of elastic I found in my stash, that looked very much like the elastic used in men's briefs. That was the same one used in my coverstitch m/c class and I used that technique here. It worked!! My daughter got her pink leggings after all! Next time I'd make it a smidgen wider to fit her.

I also sewed a pair of brown leggings as well - refashioning from my soft brown cotton/Lycra tshirt. This turned out great as well.

NOW, There more leggings in my DD's wardrobe!  :)