Friday, September 28, 2012

Sewing machine 911 class on Craftsy to the rescue!!

A couple of days ago, my 6 yo daughter wanted to wear her new glitterati pink tiered skirt..  and it was too loose on the hips. I tell her smugly  I have 2 sewing machines and I can fix it in a sec. and I run to my basement only to realize that my Kenmore 16321 isn't working... the first few stitches were fine.. and then I back-stitched.. oh boy! the clunkiest of clunky sound ever.. I thought my machine was dying! Took bobbin out, re inserted...same sound.. okay, I think to myself  no worries, I still have the other machine.. The Viking Rose should work.... No, it didn't work!! The fabric doesn't move at all... I tell myself [i]Come on, this cannot be true. This fabric can't be that bad that it killed 2 machines at one go!!  I literally kept pulling the fabric from back and made the machine do the tiniest stitches ever.. My daughter wore the skirt the bad stitches et al and went to school while I went in panic mode..

I have a zipper class coming up soon and none of my machines work??? Maybe I need to find a sewing machine repair shop to fix my machines... Yikes!! Who would fix my machine that fast and give it to me before my class?

I turned to Google looking for sewing machine clunky sound[.. not much help other than advice to clean the machine and re-thread. I did all that and it didn't work.. The bobbin holder moves in a strange way that I haven't noticed before.. What do I do now?  ???

Today, I remembered the free sewing machine 911 class from Craftsy and wondered if that lady had a solution for this clunking issue. And yes, she did!!! :D

Picture courtesy: Craftsy

(Clicking on above image will take you to the free class 'Sewing Machine 911' on Craftsy)

 Her chart showed that the clunky sound is because the bobbin holder is not in correct position and she shows in her video how to clean that area and asks the viewer to check the manual on how to put it back..  Oh, the manual!! Turns out my manual had same trouble shooting information  what she said, but in hard-to-understand language, that I would have never figured it out on my own.

And now, my machine is back in action! Yippeee!!

With the new-found confidence, I moved on to the Viking Rose to try my luck.. And found that the feed dogs have been disengaged. Aha! That's why the fabric never moved. I engage them back and that's working too.. Phew!!

I feel like a superwoman! :) And yes, I'm all set for my zipper class.