Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yesss, I made it to the Sewing group

 I had written earlier how bad I felt not being able to go to the local sewing group because like an idiot, I had arranged the schedule my daughter M's swimming classes on the same day of my sewing group meet up.

Turned out, I could make it to the sewing group after all!

M's swimming coach suggested we pull her out of the swimming class and bring her later when she's ready.  She had no motivation to learn to swim. It makes me wonder if it is a matter of student-coach incompatibility. She is really into dancing and wants to go for ballet class! So, this time, I smartened up and like the brilliant person I could be, arranged it on a Monday.

Voila! The car available on Tuesday evenings from then on, so I could go to the sewing group at last! I went yesterday and it was nice to see local sewers who were passionate about sewing and also watch the show-n-tell. There was also a demonstration on how to make flowers with zippers. Who knew!! And the flower looked so darn beautiful.

I loved the show n tell the most of all, as I feel inspired to sew something to bring and share at the table.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Zippers with a difference - Class review


I took a class 'Zippers with a difference' yesterday at the Brampton Sew N Serge. This class was taught by Jean. What an amazing teacher! She made zippers very, very easy. I loved her and her teaching style! Who would have thought that the lovely teacher with so much zest for life, who looked not more than a day over 50, was in fact 72 yrs old! So much to learn from her and it's not just sewing.

Now, about the class, We made centered zipper, lapped zipper and an invisible zipper. She showed us how to use 1/4 inch quilters tape as a sewing guide, which made the zipper insertions as easy as 1-2-3. She also showed us how to use the invisible zipper foot for the invisible zipper.

The class was a total bargain at $20 + $7 kit + HST.

Highly recommend it!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh no!

I was sooooo excited to start participating in a new sewing group as of this month. The sewing group is in Oakville and they meet every 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays. I had been to one of their meetings as a guest and liked the group as they were very welcoming and warm people. Many had brought the clothes they had made for a show-n-tell. I was hoping that meeting other sewers in real life would bring back my mojo.

And then this weekend, I just realized that I had very carefully planned and arranged for my daughter's swimming classes to fall on the same day as the sewing meetup - DARN!!! While my husband is the one who takes her to her swimming class, we are a one-car household for now and I have no means to get to the sewers forum!

What a bummer!! :(