Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My history with sewing and some more about me

The Sewing girl Seamstress with Tuxedo Cat by Tascha Parkinson

In a small town in Southern India, my Mom got me started on hand embroidery when I expressed interested at 7. For a while, I had the most interesting slips (chemises) in my school, lol, all hand embroidered by moi! Then came making doll clothes with mom's scraps. I even figured out how to make a vest by making 2 holes in a rectangular fabric!

And at 15, I took a class from my neighbor who was a sewing instructor and sewed a few clothes  (underskirt/petticoat, saree blouse etc) with her hand-holding. Then I had to give up sewing and focus on my education for quite a while... Then at 26, I took up sewing again - this time a month's worth of sewing classes, this time, while I didn't have a machine at home, I used the machine at the class  I made a kurti (just another name for tunic), a nice salwar-kameez outfit (again Indian style tunic and pants), a nice pair of Capri pants... LOVED sewing again but didn't pursue sewing after that.

After this, I pretty much didn't sew for the next 7 yrs. I bought a sewing machine (Kenmore 16231 from Sears), built a good sized stash and I remember making an apron, a small pillow and then years later, I made a pair of knit pants and a sleeveless tunic - both for my then 1 yr old daughter. Took some online sewing classes through sites like PR, but didn't really sew anything after those. What else? Oh yeah, I did sew a bra from an in person bra class in Hamilton (ON), which ended up as the most expensive UFO (Unfinished Object!) ever. More about it on another day.

Now that I want to get back into sewing, This time around, I plan to take it s.l.o.w. - start from small easy pieces with easy techniques and slowly work my way up from there. I live in one of the suburbs around Toronto, Canada with my little daughter Mischief, who is naturally artsy/crafty (unlike me) and my husband who doesn't mind my growing stash and encourages me.

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