Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pants making class - Part 1

I had signed up for the Pants making class recently. The pants pattern chosen for the class was Kwiksew 3363 - Slant pockets and straight waistband.

Even though the Kwik sew instructions are really good and suggested for newbies, I didn't want to make this one, The tapered style is so not my type or one that would sit my body shape. The other crucial factor was that a Burda crotch curve was much suggested for my ample booty! I did some research on the crotch curve of Kwiksew vs Burda. That pretty much sealed the deal that I am so not going to make the Kwiksew pants. So I called up the sewing centre and after a quick talk, I was okayed to bring in the Burda pattern. If suppose it wouldn't work, then the instructor would let me know anyway. ;)

And this is the pattern I had in mind. It is from Burda magazine 10/2009 with slant pocket-straight waistband pants (#125). I prefer contour waistbands as they fit me better, since I am very curvy. But for the sake of not deviating much from the class, I found a very similar pattern from Burda that had straight waistband and slant pockets with a front fly.

Based on my measurements, I was a 42 in Burda. That 42 depended on where I thought my waist was. :)

So to confirm if I've got the right size, I made up a muslin in cheap fabric. I also reduced the length halfway between the fly front zipper and some length from the knee as I'm 5 ft tall, skipped the pockets, etc.

The first draft muslin seemed okay to my untrained eye, just for some extra fabric pooling much below the butt. It also surprised me!! Really? Making a muslin is this easy? And using a fabric that you'd never ever wear means absolutely no pressure. Oooh, It was an eye opener!

I was all set for my first class and then my little daughter fell sick with the flu :( and I gladly gave up my class to be with her. Called the class to let them know that I couldn't make it, but they told me if I don't mind putting in some extra work, I was still welcome to the class, from part 2 onwards. Okay, that's good news! Now the wait begins for the next class.

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