Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pants making class - Part 2

For the second class, I pre-washed 1.5 yards of pants weight twill fabric in olive green, again, one that I would never ever wear in real life. So, pressure was off, right there!  I hauled all my traced out pattern pieces, the Burda book, my notions, the fabric and entered the class with so much excitement.

The class teacher Agnes, turned out to be such a delight! She was excited to okay my Burda pattern as she has sewn with Burda patterns before and she find those pants fit her well!! Right after she confirmed with me if I had chosen the right size, she proceeded to show me how to cut the fabric, etc. All the pre-work I had done, had surely got me upto speed with the other class participants! Woohoo!

Agnes suggested not to reduce the crotch length as mine seemed too small and that we could cut up the length from the waist later if we find that it's too long.. I'm 5 ft and needed it. My half-assed tissue fitting and my muslin said that I was right to have shortened the crotch length, but hey, she's the teacher and has been teaching this class for years. So, I followed her instructions. And we can always cut it back later, so no, big deal! We also left extra width of fabric on the side seams and in the back seam as some fit insurance.

And then we jumped right into the class. So far, we've sewn the back darts , back seams, sewed the fly-front zipper seam closed, interfaced the waistband and folded into half, borrowed from one of the other class participants, as my pattern didn't have a fly shield, sewed the fly shield, sewn the pocket facing and serged the ends, then interfaced the pocket facing and under-stitched it. I think something was lost in translation when she asked me to top-stitch the seam allowance with the pocket facing.. I later realized that she really meant under-stitch. :) Live and learn! I also have a homework to serge the ends of the main pocket piece and sew it with the facing.

The teacher is also a big proponent of pressing every seam!

Thoughts about the class - Love it! Instructor is fast paced and fun! Can't wait to finish my homework and can't wait for the next class. :)

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