Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My first ever knit top - Burda pattern

I hit 2 and 1/5th of my yearly goals for this year, with this one top - the FBA, a TNT knit top and altering the neckline :) Yayyy!!!

I looked through my stash of Burda magazines for a scooped neck knit top pattern and couldn't find one. So, I found a knit top pattern from Burda 2004 - a boat neck top with a fancy tie-on back and figured if I could skip the tie-on back and alter the neckline, I'll have a pattern that I could use.

So I traced size 38 based on my upper bust measurements, skipped the ties on the back, extended the shoulder to 2 more inches, towards the neck and scooped out the neck, did a Y dart FBA (after watching this DVD a million times!). It turned out great for a first try and is better than the fit I get with RTW!

For the second muslin, these are the changes I'll be making:
  1. remove the sleeve cap ease a wee bit
  2. increase FBA to another 1/2 inch
  3. turn the sleeves into a sportier style ala polka dot overload 
  4. reduce the small neckline gape at the front by1/4 inch by using this tutorial by Phat Chick Designs.
There is also a 3/4 sleeve option for the same pattern which I might give it a try.

Update after making second muslin:
I removed sleeve cap height and tried the sleeve and didn't like it anyways. This time I also caught the fact that my sleeve was away from the armhole. Maybe sleeves of boatneck tops are made this way? And the fact that I used this as my base pattern is throwing a wrench? Maybe...

For the next round, I'd like to give Ottobre pattern a try. Or find a Burda pattern with armhole of the front bodice well scooped in..I also want to think about forward shoulder alterations...The shoulder seam seems to lie at the right place, but there's extra fabric in the front armhole area and the back armhole doesn't like fine either..


  1. Hello! I was just googling "Toronto sewing blogs" and came across yours! I'm always excited to find local sewists! i live about 30 min north of Brampton, and blog at http://crafting-a-rainbow.tumblr.com/ There's talk of a Toronto sewing blogger meet up in January - Gimme a shout if you are interested!

  2. Gillian,
    Nice to 'meet' a local sewist! Sure, I'd love to join in, for the blogger meet up in Jan.

  3. Kay! Happy New Year in advance. Thanks much for your suggestions for a quilt pattern name. I need to send you a pattern as thanks - I'm truly, truly grateful for the suggestions. Can you send me your email address, so I can mail it to you? Mine's reethij at gmail dot com. Cheers!

  4. Thanks Reethi, Happy new year to you too! I emailed you.


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