Monday, December 3, 2012

Pants making class - part 4

Read about part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Finally done! I'm thrilled with my first ever pair of pants! :) The fit is pretty okay too. No, I still didn't like the straight waistband. After wearing contour waistband for years, straight waistband just feel so wrong. And I can see now, by looking at the pictures where what can be improved.. But overall, the fit was okay. So, It can only get better from here if I move from straight waistband to contoured.

Today's class had me serge the seams and add the waistband and get the hems done. We cut off half an inch from waist area and some from the waistband to be able to get the waistband, a tiny bit below my belly button. So yes, reducing the crotch length like I wanted to, would have worked much better.

When I was stitching in the ditch, on the waistband from the right side, I missed a small area where the seam allowance was peeking outside. That was the area where my stitches were perfectly under the ditch.. yikes! Seam ripper to the rescue and I resewed the seams. And guess what? I made the same mistake again. Quite annoyed with myself, I ripped the seam this time,  undoing the waistband seam as well... Yikes! :( I will not make THIS mistake ever again. Third time was a charm and it worked out well.

What I loved about the Pants making class: Agnes has a very lively (but certainly not over the top) personality and works with each student one on one. That's the best part of the class. There was no session in which all of us were asked to crowd around the table for her to explain a technique. That would have made us feel very hurried as each one of us were in different levels and doing different things. I'm glad she explained the construction techniques to each one of us separately based on what we were doing at the time. In spite of missing the part 1 class, I was able to easily catch up with the rest of the classmates, The class never felt hurried. And every one of us took home a finished pair of pants.

If you are interesting in learning construction techniques, this is a good class. If you need some social sewing time or need a structured class to get you off your butt and start sewing, this is a good class. But if you already know your pants sewing basics and want to improve fit,  this is not it! Look elsewhere.


  1. Well done! Sounds like a wonderful experience. Do we get to see these finished pants?! xxx

  2. Thanks Zoe!!
    :) sure!! I'll post some pictures today


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