Friday, December 14, 2012

Pictures of the Pants I made!

Here are the pictures from the result of my pants construction class. You can read about the classes here: part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4

Sorry for the bad quality of pictures due to poor light! My 6 yr old took it on a gloomy morning and we were in a rush to do it. I have lightened up the pictures to be able to see the fit. I don't wear a top that short, but pulled it up for the pictures to help analyze the fit better. And yes, remember to ignore the tummy flab!  And yes, that's a safety pin instead of a button on the waistband. Like I said, this is just a muslin. ;)


The problems I see here, by looking at the pictures, are
  • This was supposed to be a pair of straight pants but it ended up looking like a bootcut because during the fitting, we kept taking in a lot of fabric at the seams and the seam line wasn't so straight anymore. I like straight pants or even bootcut pants which break in much above the knees and widen out from there to the floor. Here the bootcut seems to break in at the knee, thereby emphasizing the thighs.
  • Too much circumference - I used size 42, whereas I would have done much better with 40. The crotch seam was too loose at the front and I had to take in a lot and still have lot of fabric left near the crotch. Hence the wrinkles.One size smaller would have helped. 
  • Too much crotch length esp, under fly front - need to take out a wedge right under the fly front and tapering to the side seam.
Good things I can say about this:
  • I had no idea I'd like the slant pockets this much! Love it, love it, love it! It is very convenient to keep the cellphone. I usually put my cellphone in my cabinet, once I reach office.. and no one can ever ever ever reach me after that, as the phone is in silent mode. The pockets changed all that! Plus, the slant pockets are very sleek.
  • I am not as big as I thought I was!

Nope, I am not going to share unflattering pictures of my back! You got to take my word when I say here are the problems I had, with the back fit:
  • When taking in at the front crotch seam line, I ended up taking in some length from the back crotch too just to be able to sew that seam. And this resulted in weird wrinkles. Those wrinkles weren't there until I took the seam in. And it pulls in a bit when I walk. Not liking that part AT ALL! 
  • The crotch seam hangs low.. Next time I would shorten the length of the pants, about an inch, midway or at 3/4rth of the fly front zipper!
Good things I can say about that::
  • The crotch curve fits!  yayy!!

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