Monday, December 31, 2012

Sewing goals for 2012 - Review

I had done a blog post at the beginning of this year on the sewing related goals I had for 2012. Let's see what has happened to those goals - how many were accomplished, etc.

  1. Conquer my fear of doing a FBA -- I need a FBA. There's no escaping that. I need to conquer this beast first. PASS! I learnt to do the Y dart FBA advocated by Palmer Pletsch. and it's a fantastic technique.

  2. TNT for knit top - I prefer knit tops than woven, so comfy! And very forgiving compared to wovens. PASS! I started out with a Burda pattern..  then tried an Ottobre pattern - while it's not a TNT pattern yet, I have an almost workable one. I have discovered what other alterations, other than a FBA, I need to make... It can only get better from here.

  3. TNT pattern for knit dress - If I get a knit top TNT pattern, then this one would be easy. FAIL!  I got to the fitting of the knit top pattern only in December and didn't have time to work on this one.

  4. TNT pattern for a woven top - I'd like to make an Indian style salwar kameez/kurta for me and  a TNT woven pattern will help. FAIL!  Couldn't get to it. I have traced out a Burda tunic pattern and will be moving this to next year's goals.

  5. Make 12 knit tops this year as a part of TAM (1 top a month) - FAIL!! While I didn't make 12, I did make 1 top.

  6. Fix at least 20 garments - I have a lot of pants waiting to be hemmed, etc that are waiting on my Fix-It pile. 6 so far- while this is not a complete fail, I could have easily done more.

  7. Organize sewing area: Now that I have a place to sew, I would like to arrange / organize my sewing area. PASS! Done! Basement room taken over and found a cutting area, sewing area and a shelf. The stash has found a place in the linen closet upstairs.

  8. Take 2 sewing classes. PASS with flying colors! I took 4 classes - the serger class, the coverstitch machine class, the pants class and the zipper class!

  9. Learn to work on the coverstitch machine and serger (added serger to this list,now that I have one) PASS! I took 2 classes to learn how to use my machines - both CS and serger and have been using the machines as well.

  10. Learn how to do at least one type of zippers (either center zipper or invisible zipper) PASS with flying colors! I learnt to do 4 types of zippers - regular, lapped, invisible and fly front. Now I have to start installing them in my garments! I was so scared of zippers... not anymore!

  11. Learn to make at least 5 type of drafting alterations on a TNT top pattern (say, changes to necklines, etc). I made 2 alterations so far - changed the neckline from boat neck to scooped neckline, changed Ottobre pants pattern for DD from very wide to narrow,

  12. Watch 12 sewing related DVDs - DVDs are so much easier for me to learn than from books. PASS with flying colors! Here's a post I made on the 15 sewing related videos I have watched so far and enjoyed.
Wow!! 7 out of 12 ain't bad at all... So, Did I do anything else that wasn't in the plan? Any accomplishments?  Big purchases? Of course! :)
  1. Sewed my first ever pair of pants! Here's the journey:   part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 and the final pants! And finding Burda pants pattern fit me well, made me super ecstatic!
  2.  Bought 3 machines - A Janome 644D serger, a Janome 1000 CPX coverstitch machine and a Viking Rose. All 3 were from Craigslist and in great condition. I do have enough machines now!!!
  3. Found a very nice local sewing group which is 25 mins drive from my place and became a member!Love the group!
  4. The very idea that zippers were not as scary as I intended them to be was a revelation. Of course, Almost everything looks impossible until done!
  5. I made a muslin for Mischief, my 6 yr old daughter, for a traditional Indian top that buttons up the back using a Burda pattern as a base. I think she has a broad back and needs a fitting adjustment. Either that, or I might have chosen the wrong size! In that case, I have to go up one size, and reduce her waist as it to 2-3 levels down. 
  6. I used my Burda magazines and Ottobre magazines! And the kicker is that the tracing was not hard at all!- So far a pair of pants for me and Mischief's tops that I mentioned above,
  7. I bought a dressform, again, off Craigslist from a sweet lady, who kept it in great condition, always covered it with a dust cover when not in use. The dressform is of the brand Diana, the smallest sized model which has exactly my shoulder size, neck size etc. I stuffed her up a bit. She's still not exactly my size but close enough.  Maybe someday I'll get to making her my shape. I do like having her around. 
  8. Made leggings (knit) for Mischief in many colors, Cheetah print was her favorite. This was an Ottobre pattern. Pictures to come soon.
  9. Made 3 pairs of flannel pajama pants (woven) for Mischief, 1 in reindeer fabric, red nose et al! :) The other 2 pairs are from a black flannel with rockets, etc. This pajama pattern was another  Ottobre pattern as well. Pictures to come soon.
Even though it felt that I haven't done any sewing and haven't made any progress, Seeing it all written down, makes me see that I have indeed come along way.

When I see other accomplished sewists produce some wonderful well fitting tailored garments, I felt 'Oh my, it's going to take me ages to get there'.. What I didn't realize is that it took them ages and tons of practice for them to get there as well. Baby steps, eh! Just one small step at a time..

Besides that, What else did I learnt this year?
As a person who lost her sewing mojo for years and has just found it back this year.. I have learnt
  • that it's okay to cut into fabric.
  • that it's okay to make mistakes
  • that cutting a fabric and making a mistake is much better than fabric aging in stash
  • that while a wearable end garment is good, the real fun is in planning what to make and tracing and cutting and sewing.. it's the journey to get there, not the destination. It's like going on a roller coaster... The fun is not in finishing it, but right when you are going through the ride.


  1. What a great year you have had - even if you didn't accomplish everything - maybe your original list was a bit too long. You have done quite a bit of it.

    Totally agree with what you have written in bullets at the end. I am just learning these important things now and it really moves you along.

  2. Thanks Beajay!

    I agree with you - my list was too long and not realistic. That's a lesson right there to help plan for next year goals.

  3. You had a great sewing year accomplishing so much. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year.

    1. Thank you, Sheila! Happy new year to you too!


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