Friday, December 14, 2012

Sewing videos that I've watched this year

I am a very audio-visual person and find it hard to read from books. This is the reason why I had a goal of watching at least 12 sewing videos this year. And I watched much more than 12.

Every time I watched a video from beginning to end and enjoyed/learnt from it, I made a note of it. Here's the list of videos I watched this year.

DVDs: The first two are DVDS, both from Palmer Pletsch.

1. Fit for Real People - Basics 

This is a DVD based on the Fit for Real People Book - covering all the basics. Pants are not covered in this and there's a separate DVD for that. I enjoyed Marta Alto explaining FBAs and many more adjustments, without feeling rushed. Very well organized class and I highly recommend it.

2. Full Busted - Palmer Pletsch

This DVD is absolutely fantastic! Again FBA was explained well, but what benefited me the most is the Y dart FBA. This FBA has been there even before Palmer Pletsch advocated it, but these ladies took that and made it even simpler and easier! Shams wrote a great review for this DVD and that made me buy this DVD right away. GREAT buy! Thanks Shams.

Free online videos (Youtube/ Threads)
Most of the videos that I watched this year are from youtube. There's tons of information out there from people who gladly share their knowledge for free. Thank you, awesome people! I have learnt some new skills because of you.

3.Sewing Lining into a Sleeveless Dress by Colleen G Lea 

What I love about this video is that she makes lining a sleeveless dress so easy - so easy that even the beginner me can understand. And no handsewing.

4. Sewing a sleeveless dress with lining: Trena, the slapdash sewist also has explained a similar method in her video. The detailed tutorial can be found here.

The difference between Colleen's method and Trenas is that Trena sews the shoulder seam at the beginning and Colleen sews it at the end. I enjoyed learning about both of these methods.

5. Sandra Betzina's Fly Front Tutorial from Threads. I cannot embed this video here, but clicking on the link will take you there. It's really easy, the way she shows it. This method does not have a fly shield and is a leftie fly like men's pants.

6. Fly front zipper by Trudy  of Hot Patterns

Trudy learnt her technique from Sandra's video and added to it, with a fly shield and moving the zipper off the seamline!  love both these additons.

7. Colleeen G Lea's Fly Front Technique

Colleen's method is similar to Trudy's, by keeping the zipper off the seamline. She does this neatlyby folding the underlap into half. Neat! It is missing the fly shield but I can borrow that bit from Trudy's! Her delivery of the technique seems so simple and easy to remember than Trudy's.

8. Colleen G Lea's Sewing facing to curved necklines

Easy peasy!

9. Tiina Keller's Yoke Pants

This is a course taught by an instructor at the West Valley College. Interesting to watch her sew with an industrial machine - the whole pant is done in less than an hour! By yoke pants, they do mean a pair of pants with contour waistband!The Westvalley has other interesting sewing related videos as well.

10. Sewing a contour / curved waistband by Trudy of Hot Patterns

Part 1 

Part 2

Again she makes it very easy.

11. Colleen G Lea's Sewing concave and convex seams

I learnt how to sew curved seams using this tutorial. Clip, clip, clip away.. the more you clip, the easier it will be to sew and the seams won't pucker!

12.  Janome -Sewing invisible zipper / concealed zipper

This is a technique I learnt in my zipper class, but I like to watch this tutorial if only to figure which is the right and wrong side of the zipper!

13. Colleen G Lea's Sewing darts using masking tape

A masking tape to keep the dart line straight is genius! She also shows how to mark the darts using thread tacking.

14. How to fix the crotch wrinkles in pants by Glenda Sparling of SureFit System

I randomly chanced upon this video, without searching for pants fit or how to remove wrinkles.. It just landed on my youtube side bar.. Some might say, it's google invasive nature, but I'd say, Serendipity, just for this instance! As this is the exact fix I need to fix my pants. I do now understand why I get the wrinkles.. The full tummy, eh!  Glenda has a lot of free fitting videos. Her  instructions are so clear and the videos are of good quality and clarity!

15. Peggy Sagers Video on using French curve: 

I cannot embed this video on the blog, clicking on the link ill take you there. This one taught me how to really use the French curve, esp. the measurements on the curves!


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