Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goals for 2013

I had written down my sewing related goals for 2012 and we saw my recent year-end recap on what happened to those goals. I believe that writing them down and looking at them often, helped me do something about those goals. I also learnt that I had too much on my list and I had not set myself up for success! So, this time around I'm making them more realistic goals broken into smaller doable chunks.

Here are my sewing related goals for 2013 
  1. No-buying fast!
  2. TNT knit top - halfway there already
  3. TNT pair of pants - again, halfway there already
  4. Sew 1 ethnic outfit - Indian salwar kameez (long tunic + loose drawstring pants) 
  5. Take a class on machine embroidery basics
  6. Learn to do 3 things with the Viking Rose - to program a stitch, to monogram, to embroider
  7. Learn to do appliqué for Mischief and do it in 2 pieces of clothes.
  8. Make one capsule wardrobe - like a 6 PAC
  9. Go on a local sewing bloggers meetup
The first goal is to stop stuff from coming in. The rest of those are to use and enjoy what I already have, and to have fun doing that! Considering the goals this time are concrete and manageable in small chunks, I think  I can pull this off!

I've signed up for the Sew your on wardrobe for a year challenge to get me moving and start using the stash! I'm in great company.


I also signed up for Put your money where your mouth is - a challenge by Karen of Did you make that?  I chose the TNT knit top and TNT pair of pants coming together for a well fitting outfit!
I've also signed up for Tiny habits and one of my tiny habit is to just walk into my sewing area and spend one minute there, every single day. Tiny habit is built on the premise that motivation is not everything and that we can build small tiny habits that will work much better, simpler and easier!

My non-sewing related resolutions, not in any order:
  1. Drink more water
  2. Workout
  3. Embrace the love around me and cherish it!
I've already set up tiny habits for the first 2, and have to come up with a tiny habit for the last one!

Here wishing good luck to everybody who made any goals / resolutions / decided on the focus of this new year!

No more buying - a FAST in the year of 2013

Having watched Goodbye-Valentino and followed her journey on not buying RTW clothes,  I've been thinking about going on a similar fast. And I'd like to personalize it to make it work for me, by going on a buying-fast for a year from all buying - RTW clothes, fabric, books, DVDs, kitchen stuff etc - a moratorium of sorts, even from thrift stores where all sorts of interesting things find me. 3 very similar cast iron woks, anyone?  ::)

While I am not a hoarder and my house is not stuffed, I do have a lot more than what I need. Considering my sensory issues, I feel overwhelmed and I have f.i.n.a.l.l.y figured out that I do function well in an uncluttered minimalistic environment. So, it's time to declutter and pare them down or use them up. Keywords here are use/declutter/donate/freecycle/sell.

I do have enough fabric, books, videos!!! My fabric stash is plenty, with wonderful fabrics!! I have enough sewing books and DVDS. And I have enough patterns - My pattern stash isn't large but I do have some Burda & Ottobre magazines and maybe 12-15 other patterns from the big 4 pattern companies - I still won't be able to sew them all in 2-3 yrs even if I get cracking today!  ;) So, there's no excuse to buy more patterns for a year.

As one of the experienced ladies at SG hinted about how people switch from buying RTW to buying more fabric, I'm slowly aware that I tend to move from buying one stuff to another. And I'm really tired of this accumulation and want to do spent my time using the stuff I already have, rather than wasting my time accumulating more stuff. So I need to cover as much loopholes as I can! Lurking at the decluttering thread and also reading a few minimalistic blogs have been very helpful as I understand now that the 'stuff' overwhelms me and holds me back.


Some Exceptions:
- Food, toiletries, medicine
- socks, undies, a winter jacket and a polarized sunglasses for my eye sensitivity
- notions without which I cannot finish projects that I have been working on - say, a zipper or interfacing or lining, etc
- Renovations around the house + furniture + appliances which have already been carefully planned and budgeted for.
- Experiences like In person classes, Eating out in restaurants, tickets to events, etc
- 2 Craftsy classes and no more (I hope Craftsy comes with a great jacket construction class or fitting class) I do not have access to really good local sewing classes and craftsy has been a blessing! So, I'll give myself an allowance of 2 craftsy classes, if I'm dying to buy them. :)
- Gifts
- Everybody else in the family is excluded from this fast. And I cannot go shopping for them, unless it's an urgent need!

I just found out that a few other bloggers are going on a similar fast too!

- Sew Essentially Sew
- Meg the Grand
- What would Nancy Drew wear?

It would be interesting to follow their journey as well as feel inspired to stay on course.