Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goals for 2013

I had written down my sewing related goals for 2012 and we saw my recent year-end recap on what happened to those goals. I believe that writing them down and looking at them often, helped me do something about those goals. I also learnt that I had too much on my list and I had not set myself up for success! So, this time around I'm making them more realistic goals broken into smaller doable chunks.

Here are my sewing related goals for 2013 
  1. No-buying fast!
  2. TNT knit top - halfway there already
  3. TNT pair of pants - again, halfway there already
  4. Sew 1 ethnic outfit - Indian salwar kameez (long tunic + loose drawstring pants) 
  5. Take a class on machine embroidery basics
  6. Learn to do 3 things with the Viking Rose - to program a stitch, to monogram, to embroider
  7. Learn to do appliqué for Mischief and do it in 2 pieces of clothes.
  8. Make one capsule wardrobe - like a 6 PAC
  9. Go on a local sewing bloggers meetup
The first goal is to stop stuff from coming in. The rest of those are to use and enjoy what I already have, and to have fun doing that! Considering the goals this time are concrete and manageable in small chunks, I think  I can pull this off!

I've signed up for the Sew your on wardrobe for a year challenge to get me moving and start using the stash! I'm in great company.


I also signed up for Put your money where your mouth is - a challenge by Karen of Did you make that?  I chose the TNT knit top and TNT pair of pants coming together for a well fitting outfit!
I've also signed up for Tiny habits and one of my tiny habit is to just walk into my sewing area and spend one minute there, every single day. Tiny habit is built on the premise that motivation is not everything and that we can build small tiny habits that will work much better, simpler and easier!

My non-sewing related resolutions, not in any order:
  1. Drink more water
  2. Workout
  3. Embrace the love around me and cherish it!
I've already set up tiny habits for the first 2, and have to come up with a tiny habit for the last one!

Here wishing good luck to everybody who made any goals / resolutions / decided on the focus of this new year!


  1. Those are some great goals for 2013. Good luck with the no-buying fast. Let's support each other there. ;-)

  2. Hi Kay! You've won the Wanda dress pattern on my giveaway. I've emailed you but have yet to have a reply, I fear it may have gone into your junk box. Please email me at sozoblog (at) gmail (dot) com with your postal address. Congrats and thanks! Zoe xxx

  3. Oooh! What fun!! I won!!! Thanks Zoe!! I'll email you...

  4. I admire the restraint of the no-buy thing - good luck! (Incidentally, what Burda magazine were you looking for on eBay? I have every issue since June 2007 - since you are local, do you just want to borrow mine and trace off what you need?)


  5. Honey, you really have a lot of resolutions!

  6. Reethi, thank you!! I will take you up on your offer... it's 2010 / 6 issue that I've looking for. It can wait a few months though and I'll reach out to you! Thanks again! That's very sweet of you to offer!

    Kristin, sigh! I agree with you! I wanted to keep them short and ended up with more as usual. Most of these are interlinked, so I do hope I can cross most of them. Next year, I'll make one goal and stick to it. just one goal. how freeing that would be.

  7. Looks like 2013 is going to be a challenging, but extremely rewarding year for you. You have set some great goals, and I like the 'no-buying fast' - really, we all should jump on board that one with you...J

  8. Thanks Judith!! Sometimes my goals scare me, but most of the time, it's exciting.. I think I can pull it off.

  9. Your goals sound well thought out. You have big plans there! Good luck with your resolutions.

  10. All the best for your goals. Good luck!

  11. Terrific goals, Kay! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Kay, thanks for your comments on my blog. Don't worry about calling me "Heather", since it is part of my blog moniker. I cannot wait to see your matching/coordinating outfits with your daughter. My daughter who is nearing "10" is drifting away from matching outfits and now at the Abercrombie/P.S.Aeropostale/Forever21 for Girls stage. Happy Sewing!

  13. Thank you hearhers sphere, although I am not a fan of matching outfits when I have to wear it (ran the other way when that idea that me and my sister were matching outfits), I will now make and wear it for my daughter. The things that we do for our children!!


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