Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Survived January

I survived January. Phew!!!
  1. No purchases of fabrics or notions made
  2. I bought a veggie peeler as I prefer making my own salad at work than but pre-made salads from the deli-counter which is full of lettuce with very less vegetables. My veggies + peeler cost came lesser than one huge salad that I would have bought otherwise - so I will consider this good!
  3. As for no RTW, I bought winter gloves/ hat and socks; these were in exception list.
  4. I also survived buying a Burda magazine that I've been looking for ages, sold at a very reasonable price, twice!! Thank you Reethi for offering to lend your copy when I need. I really appreciate that generosity.
  5. I survived a trip to IKEA .. I mean, how did that happen? :o 
Those are what I didn't do... So, What have I been doing? 

I have worked on another pants muslin, attended the local sewing group meeting once, went on a 'Sewing with Jean' class at Brampton Sewn Serge!

I also gave Mischief, my 6 yr old daughter, her very first sewing class, twice. We practiced straight lines without thread and then with thread on paper and on fabric for the first class. For the second class, we made an apron together.. She's so EXCITED and so am I! :)

February will be fun as we will be going on a vacation soon... I hope to have fun without much shopping during the vacation.


  1. I'd love to see this apron! I was never interested in sewing as a kid, so keep nurturing that excitement! Well done on surviving the temptations, I couldn't have been that restrained!

  2. Awww, kiddy sewing is a wonderful thing! My mom used to sew an outfit every summer holiday for my sister and I, and that's definitely when my love of sewing began!

  3. Thanks Juliet and Gillian, yes I was real thrilled when she expressed interest in sewing.

    sure I'll post pictures, I'm away on a vacation - when I'm back I'll get her to pose with her apron.

  4. Kay - feel free to use any part of the mission statement that you like!

  5. Thanks carolyn! It is a great mission statement! We all need one!

  6. Great post, having been trying to teach my 7 yr old. Apron is a good idea


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