Monday, March 4, 2013

Toronto Sewing bloggers meetup!

It was fabulous meeting other wonderful sewing bloggers (and a few soon to be bloggers) in Toronto last Saturday! Thank you, Gillian and Adrienne for organizing it! You gals, did a fantastic job in pulling this together!

I was delayed a bit due to my own stupidity(!) and the awesome husband of mine drove all the way from Mississauga to Queen / Spadina in record time so I didn't have to miss out even more! These are the lovely ladies whom I got to meet.
ETA: I've removed the pictures as I want to continue to blog anonymously for a while (at least until I am more comfortable with the idea of posting my face pics on my blog. Sorry the original comments got deleted when I was trying to figure this out.)

Wow! That's 18 of us, including me!!! We split into groups, shopped for a bit at the Fashion district (Queen / Spadina). And no, I did not buy fabric, but yes, I got some really yummy Cupro Bemberg lining in black from the Wool House (Linings are excluded from my No-buy fast. I'm proud of myself that I didn't go overboard buying tons of linings. It helped that it wasn't cheap! ;) And that's all I bought! Yesss!!!

We then, stopped at a cafe on Queen West for the fabric and pattern swap.Oh my!! I came back with so much more than what I took - 2 Burda magazines, and some swimsuit fabric in royal blue and some natural fabrics.

Most of the people I met wore their creations.. I got to see the wonderful Tiramisu and Renfrew in action! Reethi wore her Crocodile print knit pencil skirt. Adrienne, the lady in the apple green blouse, drafted that herself! :o It looks even more gorgeous in person.

Drinks and dinner later, we left with our hearts and minds filled with joy, a great feeling of community and TONS of possibilities!


  1. Just added you in on the top sew-a-long - thanks for joining! I also added you on my bloglovin roll.

  2. Thanks Faye! Just posted about it.


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