Sunday, April 28, 2013

Creative Festival - Spring 2013

Having lived in Toronto for 8 yrs now, I've never been to the Creative Festival until very recently.  Adrienne and I met up at the Creative sewing Festival on Friday and took some seminars together. We also bumped into Reethi and her mom on that day. Seraphinalina and Debbie joined us on Saturday for more fun.

  1. Meeting up with fellow sewing bloggers of course. It was so much fun going to the expo with them.
  2. The fitting seminars by Lorraine Henry -  FANTASTIC!!! (insert many many light bulbs here!) Lorraine uses the book "Fitting and Pattern Alteration - a multi-method approach" by Judith Rasband, Elizabeth Leichty. Out of her 6 seminars, I attended 4. She showed us how to make a crotch curve and how to use that template on the pattern, how to take proper measurements and how many of those to take (plenty!)  and how to use those measurements on the pattern. She also showed the order of alterations - what goes first and what next. (Length before width and in a certain order). All of these were before we even brought out the scissors for pattern alteration. The book that her fitting principles for pattern alteration are based on, has been on my wishlist for a while now ever since I read glorious reviews (It will continue to be, at least till next year!). And even without the book, I can work on my fit issues based on what she taught us. I also loved the fact that she wasn't doing a sales pitch for her products during the seminar. I bought the ingenious 'Two easy Measuring tape" that she designed herself.  Now got to put that all theory that I've learnt, into practice. for anyone who is curious about her alteration methods, you can check out, this Threads article for back alteration and this one for full bust (FBA) and swayback.
  3. No, I did not break my resolve of not buying stuff. The measuring tape is a nifty notion.Other than that, I bought some beads for my 6 yr old DD, who is not a part of my No buy resolution, for this year. She uses her stuff, unlike her mommy!And I bet it will be used up in a week or two.
  4. Seminars by Johanne Brousseau - While Johanne is not a fitting expert, I learned some  practical tips on machine maintenance, needles, sewing swim wear, serger basics etc. I found it very funny that she measured my torso diagonally (crotch to shoulder tip) and proclaimed that I have a tall torso. Lol! No, just have too much squishy factor that she didn't take into account. When measuring bodies, there's length and width and then, there is depth that most people ignore! I practically drown in most of my tops and have to buy petite tops and bottoms. So, no, not a tall torso by any means!
  1. The expo was not targeted at the younger sewing crowd. Not even a teeny tiny bit.
  2. No demos of sewing techniques - there's so much the organziers could have thought about. Easy breezy welt pockets, Bagging a lining with the machine, Attaching lining with zippers with no hand stitching, Sewing with leather  .... Why save these techniques demos only for fall?? All demos can be done with one machine and using a video projector to project it on a huge screen. Come on, guys! Use the darn technology!
  3. Allowing the internet ticket buyers to go in early and check out the stores before the crowd comes in, was a good way to promote online buying and to reduce the long lines. But starting the seminars early? So NOT cool! I bought my tickets online, but those that bought the tickets right at the door were not amused!


  1. I went to the Creativ festival last year and I also felt that it wasn't very well targeted at younger sewers. I did admire the selection of notions and books though!

    1. Welcome to my blog!! Are you in the GTA as well?

  2. I think the reason it was fun is because we were together. I'm not sure I would have got as much out of it on my own. Lorraine was terrific. I would seek her out again, you could tell it really wasn't enough time to dig in.

    In thinking back on the day, I was a bit surprised at the focus on easy solutions. Like not finishing seams, a square with a circle skirt, things that I would use to bring someone into sewing rather than people who already sew.

    1. Yep Sera, I agree it was fun only because of the company! Lorraine was great. I just wish there were more as-good presenters.

  3. Reethi, I somehow ended ip deleting your comment. :( sorry!

  4. The fitting seminars sounded like they were extremely beneficial and informative. Thanks for sharing the links. I am always on the hunt for learning ways to fit. I might take a quick trip to TO this summer. I would love to meet you! I'll keep you posted.

  5. Lynn, Sure, I'd love to meet up with you when you are in TO. Keep me posted.


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