Saturday, June 15, 2013

OOP Burda 8547 becomes a TNT and a quick catch up.

OOP Burda 8547
 This is an OOP pattern that I got ages ago. I love the cap sleeved sheath dress pattern, for knit fabrics.It also has a armhole dart. Not sure if I like that one but the fit is pretty good.

Alterations made:
  • Traced out 12 on neck / shoulders / armholes and gradually extended to size 16 at the hips.
  • Reduced the length at hemline by 5 inches to make it knee length on me
  • Changed neckline from crew neck to scooped neck
Muslin done on a double knit, bought eons ago from wazoodle! The fit seems good! What surprises me is the no FBA at all part. Maybe this pattern has been specifically drafted for a person with a large bustline? The muslin dress is waiting to be hemmed and pictures will follow. Maybe when pictures are posted, you can tell me if I need to go down a size and do an FBA after all. I have some yummy ponte all washed up and dried, eagerly awaiting to be made into this dress.

So, What happened to the short term goal (4 tops, and 2 dresses before mid June)? 
It's still on... so far, one black top and 1 grey dress (needs to be hemmed) done... Even though these were muslins, they turned out decent! The rest will be made. I will extend the date to June end (or even July!) but it will get done! HAVE TO. I've purged my closet way too much. And we have a vacation coming right at the end of June. Need clothes big time!

Any other news?
 Well, the darn no-buy fast!! I slipped...... right into the shopping cart at Fabricmart Fabrics. It was midnight... I was stressed out about something else and what's a girl to do? Whip out her credit cards and order stuff of course.... 50% off on Ponte fabrics. That too ponte without polyester. I lucked out with some Rayon double knit and wool ponte. These have been shipped to a friends place in upstate Newyork and I'll be picking it up when we visit her this year.

And then happened some drama in personal life, which translated to more fabric from Fabricland and an online order at You know how that happens, don't you?

Latest enlightenment:
No buy fasts aka Self imposed fabric bans are dangerous... When it ends (or when I break it), it can make me go whole hog! Very important note to self:  Do NOT commit to fabric fasts anymore.. Never ever! Why torture self?


  1. Maybe insted of fabric fasts, just ask yourself if it's something you need. There is nothing wrong with fabric shopping, it's good inspiration, but just pausing to ask why you want it might trim the purchases back enough.

    1. True, Cathy! I'll remember those words. Luckily, those purchases were in my list of things to buy for a long time, so I didn't do any fantasy purchases. But it could have easily gone otherwise.

  2. I find that going fabric-lite helps me. I know myself enough to not stop buying fabric. If I see something that I really like and if I have the resources, then I will buy it. I have definitely cut down on the impulse buys that created the stash monster that currently resides in my basement. =)

    On another note, I am planning my visit to TO. Are you on PR? I'd love to schedule a meetup with you and some other local sewers.

  3. I have been looking to buy Burda 8547 online for about five months. I know it's out of print but do you have any idea where I can find it?

    1. No idea where you can find it. I bought it around 8 yrs ago....and even then it was tough to find it and I remember buying it off ebay.

      Maybe there's a similar pattern in the Burda magazine? Usually the individual Burda patterns are from the magazine, so maybe if you check the Burda magazines before 2005, you might be able to find it.


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