Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sewing Goals for 2017

It's been a long 3 year break from this blog and I've missed sewing very much. Life has a way of taking over and we have a 2.5 year old bundle of joy that has kept us on our toes all this while. I kept reading really interesting sewing blogs written by enthusiastic bloggers and that kept me going that someday i'll be able to get back to sewing instead of just reading about it. That someday is finally here. Yayyy! 

I've identified 3 major issues that kept me from sewing the last 3 years. 
  • Not having an organized sewing area - especially a cutting table. My sewing area is upstairs in the home office/guest room/. Since there is no place to put a cutting table there, cutting or tracing a pattern was a pain and I'd just not end up doing it. To address this, I've now come up with an idea to set up a large table in the basement. I found a table that will work and will have to add risers to raise it a bit. 
  • Not having time or energy - Last pregnancy and life with new baby while working full time dealing with some health issues, kept me busy and tired enough to leave any time to think about sewing. Whatever time I got, I just wanted to veg out on the couch and browse sewing blogs. The baby is now 2.5 yrs and while I still have a long way to go with my health, it has so much improved from what it was. All this means that I now have some time and energy to work on my sewing. After reading the book '168 hours' by Laura Vanderkam, I see that I can earmark and use certain pockets of time on certain days of the week. 
  • Fear - There was some intimidation factor at play - all self imposed, which I've decided to face. I now realize that all great sewists started somewhere as a beginner. No one was this talented when they started. What they did was put in the time to sew, learn, push themselves and grow. I want that for me as well and have decided to just go for it. 
Here are the goals I've made for this year.
  • Sew 1 item every week - This will be a challenge, but doable. And I'm ready for it. 
  • Burda a month challenge to use my old burda magazines
  • Reduce my stash to a 4 drawer dresser. Right now I have about 7 boxes. If I sew every week, then yes, this is definitely possible. 
  • Learn to use my machines better- E.g. flat locking in serger, solve bunching problem in cover stitch machine, etc 
  • Reduce mend pile
  • Organize my sewing area better and keep it ready for action. 
  • Learn new skills
At the end of every month, I'll do a recap on how I fared that month towards each of these goals. 

I hope you all have a wonderful new year.  I can't wait to start sewing!!! 


  1. Welcome back. I identify with all your reasons for not sewing, especially the last one; fear of flubbing keeps me from starting & is so insidious. Happy new year, it's good to see you in my blog list again.

    1. Thank you! Happy new year to you as well.

      Yes, that fear is like a big wall whose only purpose is to block us from progress. Only way to reach other side is to shatter that wall.

  2. It's so nice to see you back. You've set marvelous goals. I know you'll sew some wonderful items this year!

    1. Thank you, Faye, for your kind encouragement. Happy new year!


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